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Members of the Institution Of Structural Engineers
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  Structural Engineer's Reports

Offering structural inspection, diagnosis, 
efficient solution and repair options.

We assess all building types;
Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Bridges. 
 Masonry, Prefabricated properties, Thatched Dwellings, Modular, 
Timber Framed structures, 
Factory Built homes and  Mobile Homes, etc. 

Assessing defects typically attributable to;

Subsidence, Heave and Landslip
Movement or Settlement
Boundary/Retaining Walls & Earth Works
Exterior Steps & Decks
Sink Holes
Chimney Rotation
Timber Decay
Water Ingress
Buckling, Bowing & Cracking

All reports are presented with concise advice &  recommendations 
offering efficient solutions.